We are a small family run farm in Hardwick MA. We raise goats, pigs, chickens and ducks. Our farm animals free range in our pasture everyday.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Trisha. I was born here in Massachusetts, but was raised in rural Ireland. We had a little farm there with cows, goats, sheep, chickens and ducks – maybe not all at the same time, but we had them. We raised hay and turf and potatoes, always had a garden, and the poly tunnel. At 18 I left home and worked on a dairy farm where i helped milk the cows. 

And the rain. There was always the rain. The cow shite, mud and the rain always managed to ruin my shoes no matter how careful i was!

I decided to move to the city of Boston, and i worked around Boston for years. 

It took me a few years to get used to the food- white flavourless butter instead of golden tasty butter, pale eggs, plastic tasting milk, pork that tasted like whatever sauce you put on it, etc etc, so, i began to search for farm raised foods at farmers markets. That wasn’t easy in the ’90’s.

I married Bill, and had two lovely kids, and we moved out of the city- to a town in South central MA where we began our own garden and raised chickens. We were hooked on freshly laid eggs and greens from our little garden, and began to buy raw milk from a farm in Hardwick MA. We needed more space- a bigger garden, more room for chickens, and some farm animals.

We began to search for a farm, and found one in 2012, in the very town we bought our raw milk! We moved in in 2013. A whole lot of work needed to be done and the farm was terribly overgrown. So we bought some dairy goats- for milk and brush control. They nibbled but didn’t clear much (till the herd grew a bit, and we now had our own raw milk), so, we bought pigs. The goats eat the brush, the pigs dig it up, and, the chickens rake it smooth! The ducks? They eat the bugs, ticks, and any mosquito larvae they find. Our hard working livestock!

Here we are today, all the same animals as i had growing up, (except for cows) and i’m back to the mud (minus the cow shite). Its just like i’m back in Co. Leitrim.

And we have the best tasting healthy food!

We now offer camping through HipCamp. We have one site- so we are not a commercial campground – you can stay for one night, or up to 2 weeks, and have a tour of the little farm and see if homesteading would be a lifestyle for you!
We do give farm tours, please call ahead to make sure we are available as we may be doing farm projects!

Also, there are things to do out here in Central MA, like fishing at the Quabbin, hiking, kayaking, out door dining (some places have live music on the weekend) and sight seeing. Think Fall Foliage!

Check us out at ‘Find Your Muse‘ on HipCamp.com, stay at the farm, out back in a lovely secluded area, and enjoy the peace and tranquility! Well, the goats have bells, the roosters crow and the pigs grunt… just not all day. You might even hear the trains’ whistle….

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