Find Your Muse

We are HipCamp hosts, which means you can come camp at our farm!
Currently we have one site, it is secluded, and peaceful, and you are surrounded by nature. Our farm animals are free ranged, you can walk around and see them all just living life, eating, napping and more eating…

Then there’s the usual wildlife. Rabbits, chipmunks, squirrels and all sorts of birds can be seen during the day. We also have groundhogs and porcupines on our property, i cant guarantee that you will get to see them. There are deer, and foxes, the coyotes and owls can be heard at night. Depending on the season, you will hear frogs/toads, the Mocking bird singing at night (12-3am), see the fireflies, hear the crickets, hear the little stream babbling over rocks (Springtime) and the wind in the trees. You wont hear sirens, or traffic or the hum of a highway. You might hear a train whistling. And, you can see the stars at night.

There are so many things to do around here, kayaking on Swift River in Belchertown, fishing at the Quabbin, cycling on the Mass Central Rail Trail, hiking at Rock house Reservation…

And, food- there’s Rose 32 here in Gilbertville, Mimi’s in Hardwick village, Janine’s Frostee in Ware – and they have live music Fridays and Saturday nights. There’s more places of course.

You can use the HipCamp button and look us up- ‘Find your Muse’.

I have so much more information on their site. You will have such a good time!

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