Our price list

Whole frozen chicken, $7 lb

Chicken backs for chicken soups and stocks, $5 a lb, ~these are the meaty rib bones remaining after a chicken has been butchered for breasts, legs and wings. They’re great for bone broths, soups and stocks!

No goats or kids left for sale, check back in August for kids.

All Goat meat *Sold out*

All pork *sold out*

No piglets left for sale

We are offering whole broilers this year, we raise small batches of 25 chickens at a time, so theres a limited supply of these happy pastured birds! Email us to preorder. Dates to be announced soon. Check here for updates.


We will have stewing hens available, limited quantity, place order soon. $5 a hen.

Our hen eggs are $10 a dozen.

Duck eggs are $12 a dozen.

Rhubarb is $5 a pound.

Asparagus $5 a pound.

Elderberry plants available in the Spring, 3 bare root plants, $10 -at the farm. Shipping extra.

Kombucha scobi’s, $5, shipping extra.

Milk kefir grains, $5, shipping extra. limited amount, check for availability.

Sourdough starter, $5, shipping extra.

No milk at the moment. We will have raw goat milk available in mid August this year, as the goat are kidding mid July. I sell it by the half gallon, for $5. I can provide jars for a deposit, or, you can bring your own jars. We are a small farm, call first, first come first served.

Our goats are pastured most of the year. We use local hay. GMO free grain. No antibiotics or hormones ever used.

***Our goats are for dairy, they do not like to travel to take care of poison ivy and brush! It will stress them out, and milk production would drop.

I am asking on behalf of our goats/chickies/ducks/geese and pigs-any donation towards animal feed is appreciated, as feed and hay prices increased during the pandemic, and because of the war in Ukraine. Thank you so much for any support!

Everything is better bought directly from the farm.

Guided farm tours available with prior notice , $10 per person, $15 for family of 4, children under 2 are free.

Volunteers always welcome- we offer free camping, food, and, your free time is your own to check out all the wonders our area has to offer! Call Trisha for ‘deets’!

Fresh goat cheese, made in small batches.
Half dozen Duck eggs.
Our half dozen hen egg carton.

A happy, hardworking way of life