Other goodies price list

Our hen eggs are $5 a dozen, call first as the hens egg production has fallen due to winter season.

Duck eggs are $5 a dozen when in season, hopefully beginning in May.

Rhubarb is $5 a pound. (Seasonal)

Asparagus $5 a pound.

Raw goat milk for you, or your pets, $5 for a half gallon. Please bring your own jars, or pay a $2.50 deposit on each jar of milk you buy.
Milk supply is low at the moment please call to check availability.

Everything must be bought directly from the farm.

All Goat meat *Sold out*

No goat kids left for sale.

No piglets left for sale

Our goats are for dairy, they do not like to travel to take care of poison ivy and brush! It will stress them out, and milk production would drop.

I am asking on behalf of our goats/chickies/ducks/ and pigs-any donation towards animal feed is appreciated, as feed and hay prices increased during the pandemic! Thank you so much!

Fresh goat cheese, made in small batches.
Half dozen Duck eggs.
Our half dozen hen egg carton.

A happy, hardworking way of life