Our pork price list

Gloucestershire Old Spot and Tamsworth heritage breed pigs

*****Sold out!*****

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Pork By the cut:

Tenderloin $19.99lbSold out
Pork Shoulder Steaks- sold out$17.99lb7.00
Pork Butt Steaks – sold out$17.99/lb7.00
Pork chops 3/4 ” thick (bone in) $15.99/lbSold out
Rib chops 3/4″ thick (bone in) $15.99/lbSold out
Fresh Ham Steaks – sold out$15.99/lbSold out
Fresh Ham Cutlets- sold out$15.99/lb5.99
Smoked Ham Roast- sold out$16.99/lb7.00
Pork Butt Roast -Sold out$17.99/lb$9.99
Fresh Belly Slab – Sold out$19.99/lb
Bacon (brown sugar cured hickory smoked, thick sliced)$25.99/lbSold out fast!
Boston Butt Roast – Sold out$18.99/lbSold out
Picnic Roast (Fresh)- Sold out$14.99/lb$7.99
Italian (hot/sweet) -Sold out$8.99/lbSold out
Maple Breakfast- Sold out$15.99lbSold out
Ground Pork -Sold out$13.99/lb$7.99
Country style ribs- Sold out$15.99/lbSold out
St. Louis Style Ribs – Sold out$18.99/lbSold out
Odds and Ends:
Pig Feet (Trotters)$6.50/ea3.00
Hocks (Fresh)$14.20/lb4.00
Leaf Fat$15lb6.00
Back Fat$13.99/lb5.00
Roaster pigs – Special Order Required Sold out
Sampler Boxes:
Assortment of Hocks, Trotters, Bones,
Back Fat, Skin, Liver, Heart (approximately 20 lbs)
$125.00sold out
Farmers Choice Sampler Box
delicious cuts and sausage (approximately 10lbs)
$196.00Sold out

We appreciate your support in raising quality pork.
Pigs are slaughtered and and processed at a USDA facility.
We aim for your requested weights, but actual delivered size of cuts etc. may vary.
Check order on delivery, all sales final.
Perishable product, refrigerate or freeze as appropriate.

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